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How do I clone sections and questions in audit form templates?

Please Note: If you are not able to edit the template you may not have the permission to do so.

In this instance, please contact your System Administrator who can assess whether you require access.


Firstly you will need to login to your Notify account, you can do this here

1. Select Form Templates



2. Select the form template you are editing

Alternatively, create a new template. 

3. Select Create New Version 

image-png-Dec-06-2023-12-31-55-5610-PMYou will only need to do this if you are editing an existing template. If you have created a new template - skip this step. 

4.  To clone a section, select the Copy icon on the section

The cloned section will then appear below

Please note: If there are custom visibility rules applied to the section or question you are cloning, you will need to update these in the new section/question that is created.

If you don't update these, the custom visibility rules will apply to the section/question above it and not the new cloned item.

5. To clone a question, select the Copy icon on the question

As above, the cloned question will appear below