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How do I create a Document record?

This article provides a guide on how to create a document record within Notify.

1. Select the Documents Tab

2. Click on Add Document

3. Enter the General Details 

Here, you are able to enter the following information: 

- The document name (mandatory)

- The document description

- Category (Click Here to learn how to categorise your documents)

- Document owner

- Document Status

- Version number

- Published Date

- Next Review Date

- Retention Review Date 

You will also have the option to add notes and flag the document as confidential. 

4. Upload the document

Click Browse to select a document from your files or drag and drop the document into this section.

5. Optionally link the document to areas of your Organisation Structure

This will ensure that only users linked to the selected areas, with the relevant module access and permissions, are able to view the document.

5.a Select Create Organisation Structure Links

5.b Select which areas the document relates to and click save

6. Save your document

Once you have saved your document, you will be returned to the Document Management tab, where you will be able to share, download and delete the record.