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How do I export an incident to PDF?

Note: Your organisation may have customised some screens, so they may not appear the same.  Don't worry though, the concept remains the same

 If in doubt you should contact your System Administrator for further support


Firstly you will need to login to your Notify management portal, you can do this here

1. Click on Incidents



2. Click on the incident you would like to export


3. Optionally hide comments and unanswered questions on your PDF


4. Click on 'Export to PDF'

You will then see you have two options:

  • Export Full Incident to PDF
         This will include all incident details including the investigation (If applicable).

  • Export Summary Incident to PDF

         This will include only selected fields within the Incident and Investigation reports. 

Please note: 

If you would like to choose which fields appear in your Summary PDF, please contact our Customer Success team at customersuccess@notifytechnology.com 

Finally, choose one of the above options to begin downloading the PDF to your device.