How do I get Help from the Notify Support Team?

This article provides a guide to getting help from our Support Team and some troubleshooting tips to try before getting in touch.

To get in touch with us use your Service Desk account credentials to login here

You will then be presented with the below options: 

Change Request: Do you need additional questions adding to an incident report or want to discuss adding in a new incident type? Submit a Change Request

Suggest a feature: Have an idea or an improvement suggestion to share with our Product Team that would make Notify even better? Submit a Feature Suggestion

Report a system problem: Something isn't working as expected or you're receiving error messages? Report a System Problem

Request Training: Not sure how a particular area of the system works and need some extra support? Request Training

Get help: Unsure of what your request falls under, need an account unlocked, or just have a general query? Get Help


Not sure whether you have access to our Service Desk?



Troubleshooting tips


Refresh the page

Click the Refresh button on your browser - sometimes, a simple refresh can resolve display issues. 

Note: Where appropriate, remember to click Save before refreshing the page!


Clear the cookie cache on your browser
Accumulated cookies can slow down your browser and conflict with updated website features which can cause glitches or prevent certain elements from working correctly. 
Clearing cookies will help you rule out whether the system behaviour you're experiencing relates to cookie caching and keeps your browser running efficiently.
See how to clear your cache on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari 

Check your Internet Connection
To ensure that your internet connection is stable, we recommend trying to open other websites. This will help you determine if the issue you are experiencing is specific to the site in question.

Try your action on another device
Try accessing the website / apps using a different device to determine whether the issue is device specific.

Check your account permissions

If you are struggling to access something you think you should be able to, check your account permissions. If you don't have access to check this, reach out to your Notify system administrator who is best positioned to support. 

To read more about permissions click here