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How do I manage my settings on the AI app?

Firstly, you will need to install the Notify AI app, please see links below to download this from the relevant app store for your device: 

1. Login to the app
2. Tap the icon with 3 horizontal lines
3. Select Settings
4. Select App Filters
4.a Update your settings
Here you can customise: 
  • The time range of audits that Notify downloads to the app upon carrying out a Sync. 
  • Refine which audits are downloaded upon syncing: assigned to you, created by you, or all audits. 
  • Whether the app is allowed to sync on WIFI only rather than mobile data. 

Once you have updated your settings, tap Save Sync Settings.

5. Select General Settings
5.1 Update your settings
Here you're able to choose whether any images taken on the app are saved to your device. 
Once you have updated your settings, tap Save General Settings. 

Note: If your organisation has placed security restrictions on your device, please contact your IT team to ensure you will be able to use this feature.