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How do I report an incident on the IM app?

This article provides a video and written guide to reporting an incident via the Incident Management app.

Note: Your organisation may have customised some screens, so they may not appear the same.  Don't worry though, the concept remains the same

 If in doubt you should contact your System Administrator for further support



Firstly you will need to download the Incident Management app, the below links will take you to the relevant app store to download these: 




1. Insert your company code 

You will only need to do this once upon downloading the app. 

If you don't know your company code, please reach out to your system administrator who will be able to provide this. 


2. Select the incident type you are reporting


3. Enter your details

By entering your email address, you will receive email notifications to confirm your incident has been submitted, as well as an update email once the incident has been closed. 


4. Enter the incident details 

Depending on your form configuration, you will be asked to describe the incident via a drop-down of categories, as well as having the option to describe the incident in a free-text box. 


5. Enter your location 

Here you will need to provide details around where the incident happened in regard to your organisation structure, as well as optionally entering the address or selecting the location on a map. 

When using the map, you will need to switch on your location on your device. 


6. Optionally add pictures

7. Submit your incident


On the final page you will be able to review your answers. Once you're happy to submit the incident, tap SUBMIT


8. Your incident is submitted

If you're not connected to the internet at the time of submitting the incident, this will be queued on your device and submitted to the server once a connection is established and the app is reopened.