Notify Cloud - v6.6

Explore our latest release of enhancements and the new features of Notify Cloud - v6.6.

Scheduled release date: 13th December 2023

Audits Enhancements

Audit Summary Report

We are now providing you more flexibility over how you want to export your Audits reports to PDF, with a choice of Full or Summarised version of your Audits, Inspections or Checklists.

To configure your Form Template, all fields now have a ‘Include in Summary Report’ checkbox.

Important Note: You will need to update your Audit Form templates based on your required configuration and publish them. Any new Audits created after the template has been published will now support the Export Summary Audit to PDF.

Form_Templates_Include_Summary _Report

When you click on the Export to PDF button, you will now have the option to choose Export Summary Audit to PDF. This option will include all the fields that you have selected in your Form Template to be included in the report.


Audits Form Template - Lock Form Template

Now, you have the ability to secure Audit Form Templates, allowing only authorised individuals to make changes and publish them.


Once a user is granted the necessary permissions, they will have the ability to click on the 'Lock Template' button.

Note: Only individuals who belong to the 'Audit Lock Template Manager' permission group have the authority to lock or make changes to a locked form template.



Audit Filter - Date Filters - Completed Date

You now have the ability to easily filter your Audits based on the dates they were completed, and you can also combine these filters with other options for more precise results.


Audits - Filter by RAG Grade

Now, you have the option to easily filter your Audits based on their RAG Grade and combine these filters with other options for more precise results.


Audits CSV Export - include RAG Grade Colour

We have now included the RAG Colour alongside the Grade in both the ‘Export to CSV' and 'Export List to CSV’ files.


Incident Management Enhancements

Hide Incident Investigation Forms by Permission Group

Notify now offers support for a multi-stage investigation process and streamlines the routing of tasks through a workflow to different user groups. We have recently made enhancements to this feature, allowing you to restrict access to view, edit, and modify each stage of the investigation based on specific permission groups. If you would like more information on how this can benefit you and how we can assist you, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or contact our Customer Support team.


Export Incident Summary Report

Notify can provide you further flexibility of providing a summarised version of your Incident Reporting. Our Customer Support team can collaborate with you to determine which fields from your incident report and investigation forms you would like to include in the summary report.


General Usability Improvements

Action Filter - Date Filters - Completed Date

We have enhanced the flexibility of Action filters by allowing you to filter on Date Ranges based on Completed Dates.


Form Templates - Auto Save

Rest assured that if you are creating a complex Form Template and are immersed in your work, Notify will automatically save any modifications you make after 3 minutes of inactivity. This convenient Auto Save feature is available for the following types of form templates:

  • Audit Form Templates
  • Risk Form Templates
  • Method Statement Templates


Override who can flag/change the status of Lost Time/Reportable/High Priority Incidents

By default, Assigned Incident Managers, Department Incident Managers and Company Incident Managers can flag an Incident as Lost Time, Reportable or Priority.

We have now added three new permission groups available under the Admin Roles, which can override whether a user can change the status of Lost Time, Reportable/High Priority Incidents.

Note: Users will be unable to modify the status of Lost Time, Reportable, or High Priority Incidents. However, they will still have the ability to add notes and configure lost time dates.


Actions - Notify User (without Actions Licence) will be treated as External Action Assignees

Users without an Action Licence in Notify will now be provided with the same URL in their Assigned Action Email and relevant Daily/Weekly Digests. This URL allows them to conveniently view and update their actions without the need to log in, providing them with the same seamless experience as External Action Assignees.

Security & Penetration Testing

It is not all about delivering new features, at Notify we take the security of our customer data as our number one priority.

Annually we invest in third party CREST Accredited Security experts to undertake Penetration Testing, designed to seek out security vulnerabilities and weaknesses with our commitment to remediate and remove these.

We also regularly assess our Notify Web and Mobile applications against the Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis.

Performance Improvements, Scalability and Load Testing

As Notify grows and we take on more and more customers and users around the world, we want to ensure the performance and scalability of our Web and Mobile applications are not only fit for purpose now, but also into the future.

We have invested significantly in third party experts conducting Load Testing to replicate high demands on our software and infrastructure, which will help Notify to identify where we need to make improvements.

Technical Debt

At Notify we call this ‘keeping our lights on!!'. Essentially this is about good housekeeping to ensure the infrastructure, code, third party components and the plumbing we use is maintained, secure and in good working order.

Scheduled Downtime

As always, there will be scheduled downtime on the morning of Wednesday 13th Decemeber to allow us to introduce these new features into Notify. We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum.